Hello, everyone.  As I stated at moot last night, there are a few things that I need help with for the Inn at Cattle Raids.  It is a Greek lunch.
Desserts -- I have about 6 people who have volunteered to bring desserts--either bars, cookies, baklava, etc.  We could use a couple more-- that way, everyone only needs to bring about 2 dozen items.
Zino has offered his cooler for soda.  There's an ice machine on site, so we should be alright there.
I would ask for home-grown vegetables to garnish the gyros--I could use a dozen tomatoes, some onions, cucumbers, lettuce.  Whatever you think might work--and if it isn't a garnish, we can put is out as salad.
And--I would like the veggies and desserts brought to the Wed.meeting before Cattle Raids or the Pre-Cook on Thurs.

There will be a pre-cook at St. Mark's on the Campus at 7:00 pm on Thursday, Aug. 21st.  Mostly, we will be chopping said vegetables, dishing out hummus into individual servings, and making pita chips.  We will bag up the desserts into individual servings if it has not already been done.

For the actual day of the event, I could use a couple more people from 10:30 to 2:00 to help serve the food.  The Inn will be in the 4H building, just north of the main building.

Questions?  just ask---
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