A resolution of 150dpi at final size is what is standard for these things. That is a bit larger than 
Photoshop's normal max pixel size of 30,000px dimension.  That may no longer be the limit (a little 
research would be wise), but if you are painting digitally, you will probably have to work in 
sections. If you are painting by hand, you may be able to get by doing it 1/4 size, and use a small 
brush when you get to doing details. Then have it scanned professionally.

You might contact Sally Bensusen, Lynette Cook, or myself off the list for some ideas on pricing.


 > On Jul 23, 2014, at 2:45 PM, Hannah Bonner wrote:
>> Dear SciArters,
>> Can anyone give me tips on pricing a mural job? It won't be a continuous painting but rather
>> illustrations that will be enlarged and then stuck to a backing. The overall dimensions are 8X3
>> meters. I will be involved in developing the content in conjunction with the scientists in charge
>> of the project, and the will of course need to create the necessary illustrations and graphics.
>> I've never done this before and am quite clueless. Any advice will be much appreciated.
>> And once I'm picking your brains, has anyone used this method, i.e. printing stuff out and
>> adhering it to a background? Is there a better way?
>> Cheers & thanks,
>> Hannah

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