I just tried to figure out how to use the Dropbox Share folder method, and once again, the SIMPLE and EASY instructions are not applicable to whatever is on my screen.

I know how to make a link in the Public Folder. It won't send a folder with images inside, but will send a zipped folder. This will allow the person I send the link to, to download the zipped folder onto their computer.
I was looking for some other method of share, where they could go and view the photos on line, without having to download the 12MB file. (like Flickr, etc). 

I am trying to SHARE a photo folder, I eventually found out how to do that (totally not what the instructions said) but I have to "invite" everyone to view it, type in all their addresses. Nope, not what I want. 

Is this only how Dropbox works - I would have to invite everyone? Or is there another secret?

Why is it  that I get home from the conference feeling so smart with all this new knowledge, and then feel so stoooopid when I get home and try to apply it? haha.

Maybe I'll stick with Picasa, since they already have my personal information for marketing purposes, and I don't need a yahoo account. har. 

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