Hi Hanna:
Lots of visitor centers are going with digital printing wall prints and attaching them to walls. It's more economical for them. Think of the hours one would have to spend standing on a ladder (or renting scaffolding and lift equipment) to hand paint it, not to mention the expenses of the assistant crews, hotels, etc.  

I would find out the materials that your fabricator will use. The ppi/dpi of the printing method and any other specifications, may determine how you originally plan the artwork, and later draw/paint/photograph. I always try to start with an understanding of the type of material and production methods before I design the artwork. It will also help you price the labor for your work. 

There are several manufacturers of mural prints, and each fabricator/installer has their favorites. 

Of those several choices, there are prints that are water-based prints that need laminating, and also prints that need no lamination. All of this helps determine how the mural will be cared for over the years. The quality of the mural print also depends on how it's installed, how the seams are neatly done so not to be noticeable. 

So the first place I'd start is with the fabricator/installer. Then work backwards.

Best of luck, keep us posted on the project!

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On Jul 23, 2014, at 2:45 PM, Hannah Bonner wrote:

> Dear SciArters,
> Can anyone give me tips on pricing a mural job? It won't be a continuous painting but rather illustrations that will be enlarged and then stuck to a backing. The overall dimensions are 8X3 meters. I will be involved in developing the content in conjunction with the scientists in charge of the project, and the will of course need to create the necessary illustrations and graphics. I've never done this before and am quite clueless. Any advice will be much appreciated. 
> And once I'm picking your brains, has anyone used this method, i.e. printing stuff out and adhering it to a background? Is there a better way?
> Cheers & thanks, 
> Hannah
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