>What you should be graded on is the quality of your piece, not the 
construction of supporting evidence. If I
 >can look at your documentation, identify  a) what your project is, b) 
a time and place of origin, and c) some
 >understanding of why it was constructed in a particular manner, your 
documentation was successful. If that
 >means you footnote your text and place all your plates at the end, 
there is historical precedence for that in
 >publication as well.
What he should be graded on _includes_ construction of supporting 
evidence. Lousy evidence
from non-authoritative writers will make for lousy documentation and 
lousy entries.

Information is important to readers, and so is knowing where the 
information came from.

 >This is Queen's Prize, not your PhD defense. The goal is to be 
involved, and inspire others to play with you,
 >not intimidate them out of the field. Save that for the Tri-levels.
He's not asking for MLA standards for bibliographies; he's wanting to 
know what to do with
some photographs he wants to properly credit, that's all.


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