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> Yes. Horses have to be trained to go in a trailer. It is not something that they were built to do naturally.

They can also be spooked by clanking armor and other unusual things commonly found at SCA events. It helps if folks train their horses ahead of going to their (the horse’s) first event.

Perhaps useful for those who’ve not brought their horses to SCA events or for SCA folks who aren’t used to horses:
In the EQUESTRIAN section of the Florilegium:
Desen-Y-Horse-art (12K) 2/14/10 "Equestrian Games - desensitizing your horse, an intro" by Lady Isabell Winter.
Hors-Training-art (16K) 8/12/10 "SCA Equestrian Training Tips" by Lady Lyonet Lamoureux.
Horse-Events-art (16K) 12/15/10 "SCA Equestrian Events - Everyone is Responsible for Success" by Lady Lyonet Lamoureux.

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