Greetings one and all! Here's what's going on with heraldic submissions 
in Calontir.

Items currently on the Internel Letter of Intent, with a date of 18 
September 2014 to close discussion:

Agamemnon Platolithidae - Resub Device
Alexandria de Bois d'Arc - New Blanket Permission to Conflict & New 
Blanket Permission to Conflict
Amon Attwood - New Name & New Device
Amon Attwood - New Badge
Brian Robert MacDougall - New Name & New Device
Caitilín inghean Áengusa - New Name
Eadward de Byron - New Name & New Device
Elzebeth von Rostock - New Name
Emme Ziegler - New Badge
Eynon ab Iohannes Mal - New Name & New Device
Felicia Maria Stanborough - New Name & New Device
Gangulfr Hagnason - New Name & New Device
Gwenne Margareta Melinnith - New Name & New Device
Hans Krieger - New Device
Jacqueline Storme - Resub Device
Leopold Heinrich von Rovekar - New Name & New Device
Magnús Þorgrimsson - New Name & New Device
Mairi Rose - New Release of Device
Myghal Stanborough - New Device
Myghal Stanborough - New Badge
Saito Takauji - New Blanket Permission to Conflict & New Blanket 
Permission to Conflict
Søren atte Raven - New Household Name & New Badge
Tanaka Ujimori - Resub Name
Ulfvaldr Folkmarsson - Resub Device
Valr inn viggladi - New Name
Verctissa Neptis Venutii - Resub Device
Vimundr Sialfason - New Badge
Vincent de Vere - New Badge

Items sent to Laurel on 17 August 2014 External Letter of Intent:

Agamemnon Platolithidae - New Name
Alexander Brightmoore - New Release of Name & New Release of Device
Bechte von Holtzburg - New Name & New Device
Charles von Strausberg - New Name Change
Eynon Langenyth - New Name Change from Holding Name
Johannes Gast - New Name
Karina Gründelhardt - New Name & New Device
Lelia Corsini - New Name & New Device
Lisette la fauconniere d'Amboise - New Name & New Device
Lucia Flecher - New Name & New Device
Luckie Glassbrenner - New Name & New Device
Maggie MacKellar - New Name & New Device
Rab the Piper - New Name & New Device
Rolant de Bourbonne - New Name & New Device
Sakurai no Jirou Takeo - New Release of Name & New Release of Device
Sawbina Fahy - New Device
Ulfvaldr Folkmarsson - New Name

Item that was returned:

Rolant de Bourbonne - New Device
This is returned due to conflict with a device that is already 

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Ich hilfe,
Brigida, Saker

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