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<<< For those of you who have experience running feasts, how much do you typically budget for a feast for 100 people?  I’m trying to get a feel for what is a reasonable amount to spend.

Tatiana >>>

From your comments I will assume that you are somewhat new to managing and cooking an SCA feast. You might find some of the files in the FEASTS and other sections in the Florileigum. There are also another dozen or so sections that include original and redacted period recipes.

headcooks-msg (180K) 3/14/14 Advice for SCA headcooks. Planning feasts.

Fst-Managemnt-art (12K) 7/22/01 "Feast Management" by Lady Eden Blacksmith.

Fst-Menus-art (11K) 8/22/04 "On Rules for Feast Menus” by Lord Daniel Raoul le Vascon du Navarre.

Hlvg-Fst-Csts-art (20K) 2/ 8/11 "Rob Peter to feed Paul: halving feast costs” by Alizaundre, Demoiselle de Brebeuf, C.O.L.

Run-a-Feast-art (14K) 11/ 2/98 "About Running a Feast" by Minna Gantz.

Your-1st-Fst-art (62K) 3/29/13 "How to Successfully Pull Off Your First Feast" (or any feast) by Lady Miriam Ester Bat Issacha.

feast-serving-msg (150K) 3/31/13 Ideas for serving feasts. How to organize.

I hope these are of use to you or the others here.

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