Greetings Unto the Cooks' Guild from Lady Iulia Kaloethina Eirenikina,

I hope this letter finds you both in good spirits and health. I recently
made several inquiries into what is/means to be a Guild Head. Upon much
thought, discussion, and research I have decided to show my intent in
possibly becoming the next Head of the Cook's Guild.

My qualifications are: I have a Leather Mallet in cooking, currently I
stand as the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui A&S champion for cooking, and I
currently hold the office of MoAS in the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui. I have
not been a member of the Cook's Guild for very long, but I have learned a
great deal in every kitchen I have cooked in as a member. I am currently a
paid member of the SCA, and I will have my contact information at the end
of this letter.

Things I would like see happen are getting our Charter and Bylaws on the
website. I know this is a small thing. I simply feel it is important that
all members and would be members have access to this information. I would
also like to organize twice a year meetings as stated in our bylaws, for at
this point I believe we are only having 1 meeting a year. I would also like
to see the Cook's Guild website become the official means of communication
and announcements.

Other ideas and fun things I would like to see happen are single
table/single team ToC samplings at medium/large EVENTS, such as Kirs
Kinder, 12th Night, Toys For Tots, etc. I would also like to see the Guild
do more teaching outside of Cook's Symposium and Lilies. All of these ideas
can/should/will be discussed and voted upon at the next official meeting.

Lady Iulia  Kaloethina Eirenikina

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