This weekend is Valor. With many opportunities for fighting, the Valor tourney, dodge rock(think dodge ball in armor), AND the Man at Arms Tourney.
Please come to the list field Satuday when fighting starts as the MAA tourney is the first one of the day.
MAA, come out have fun with your fellow fighters and maybe get to meet a new Fyrd friend. Fyrd, support your fellow fighters and observe/mingle with the MAA not in your normal fighter practices. Get to know them, engage them..., encourage them. Got a MAA in your area that needs help getting to site, offer a ride share with them or really anyone in your area (sharing resources means we can try to get more people to more events).

Please share this message with your local fighters in person, by phone, etc., really anyone that's even slightly interested in Valor.

Oh and I hear there will be some A&S stuff, horses, and archery/thrown weapons too. So have fun doing what you like to do.
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