Ok, I have a works cited question. In my documentation I include the works cited for the photos that I used as part of their captions, with two exceptions and those are listed in a footnote.
I'm adding 11 pages of photos to one of my appendices. Unfortunately to keep the quality of the photos I had to print them off as I got them and not insert them as an image into the documentation, so I can't edit the pages to continue my figure count, add the works cited info, or even page numbers. All of the pages do have their original figure count from on the page but not the page of the book they are.
How to I go about identifing the new pages/photos for the works cited? Can I hand write the info on the top/bottom of each page? Make a label and attach it to the top/bottom? Can I include a footnote at the beginning of the appendix stating that Study of Archaic Braiding Techniques Images X-XX are from Study of Archaic Braiding Techniques, M Kinoshita (I've introduced the book as a source in several places and in the bibliography before the appendix is read)?
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