This coming Saturday (Aug. 16) we'll have the 2nd precook for Cattle Raids
feast.  We'll be mixing and frying meatballs, mixing and baking honeyed
cheesecakes (yum!), and possibly cooking some batches of chick peas.  We'll
start at 1:00 this time (another group has the area until noon), and go to
as late as 6:00 , if need be.


If you are able to come and help at any point during this time, please let
me know.  


I also have some equipment needs.  If you have any of the equipment listed
below that you could loan, please let me know.  If you can't come to the
precook, I will arrange to pick up stuff.  I'll be at Moot on Wed., so could
get things there, if that's convenient.


1.       3-4 electric griddles or frying pans, for frying meatballs.  I have
one electric frying pan I'll bring, and there are a couple of normal frying
pans we can use on the stove, but more electric ones would be ideal, since
they're easy to spread out.

2.       Knives and cutting boards, since we'll be cutting up onions and


At the precook last week, some people said "If only I knew you needed XYZ I
would have brought it."  So, if you have any fresh mint or fresh parsley you
would like to contribute, let me know.


Thanks in advance!


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