I think I've got space for the things we're making this weekend.  But if you wouldn't mind plugging it in for next week, I'd appreciate it.  It's nice to have the stuff in just a couple of places, rather than spread out in several houses.


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IF you do not get enough freezer space rounded up, we can plug in the baby freezer in the garage.  Let me know.
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  This is a
 reminder that the first precook for the Cattle Raids feast  is this weekend at St. Mark’s on the Campus church  (13th and R St.).  It will begin at noon on  Saturday and end at 6:00 or before (depending on how long it  takes us).So far, I’ve heard from  Morgana, Carlos, Isabeau, Derdriu, Haldora, and Aibhilin  that they may be able to be there.  If you  haven’t volunteered yet, but would like to help,  please let me know.  Most of the work will be chopping  herbs, toasting walnuts, and cutting up chicken and  onions.  So if you are coming and have knives and/or  chopping blocks you can bring, let me know.  When we  get done prepping stuff, you’ll get the bonus of  chatting with friends while things cook.  JWe’ll  be making an herb omelet/quiche sort of dish, and a chicken  stew cooked with pomegranate and walnuts.  The walnuts  are courtesy of Isabeau and Carlos.  Thanks so much, I  & C!
 be using fresh dill, parsley, and cilantro for the  omelet/quiche dish.   Haldora told me she had a  ton of fresh dill.  Haldora, do you still have a lot  you can bring?  If so, I’ll let you know how much  I need. 
  If anybody
 else has extra parsley or cilantro in their garden they  would like to contribute, let me know.  Otherwise,  I’ll get them from the store.
  I also need
 some freezer space for the stew and 12 pie pans of  omelet.  I can take some of that, but if you have spare  room in your freezer you would let me use for a few weeks,  please let me know. 
  Thanks in
 advance to those who donate herbs and/or come to  help!
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