Hi, Mag Mor.  Just wanted to thank everyone who helped with the Inn--there were those who came to the Pre-Cook--Isadora, Etienette, Morgana; those who brought veggies and desserts--Haldora, Gerald, Yoichi, Moira, Isadora, Seraphina, Deidre, Isabeau and Carlos, Etienette and Leofwyna; those who chopped and diced--Haldora, Kristin, Avienda, Perrin, Ingeborg; and, of course, those who helped serve and clean up--Isadora, Moira, Kat, Seraphina's sister Elsbeth, and Etienette.
And those of you who are on the list more than once (you know who you are!), quit with the helium hand before you burn out!  But thank you again!

The Inn ran very smoothly and we served over 100 people.
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