Now that I’ve got the post-feast organizing, etc. done, I’d like to thank everybody who helped with the feast—by helping cook, plate, serve, or clean during the prep throughout the day, during the feast, and for the cleanup after the feast.  It’s due to the wonderful help of all of you that the feast went so smoothly. 


We had help from Mag Mor, Lonely Tower, and various other groups from Calontir.  I literally couldn’t have done it without all of you. 


MANY thanks to the people below (and whoever else I’m not remembering at the moment).


The cooks:  Ishmala, Elspeth, Loraine, Leofwyna, Morgana, Amanda, Suzanne, Michelle, and especially Christina (who not only helped cook all day, but also organized the feast platters, etc. to be ready for the hall stewards).


The servers:  Isadora and Caterine (who acted as co-hall stewards), Sigtrygg, Loraine, Avienda, Nate, Haldora, Felix, Maire, Chiara, Nessa, and Meagen.


And especially the wonderful people who washed dishes and did other cleanup during the day and before and after the feast:  Daniel (who washed for hours!), Isadora, Kilian, Kat, and Ishmala.


Thanks also to those who contributed freezer space and equipment and to Eleanor for making the sekanjabin syrup.




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