I wrote a note to Don Luce who works at the Bell Museum - This is his reply on the information that the dioramas were not going to be saved.
Kris Kirkeby

This is very depressing that this misinformation is being spread. Our plans call for moving and restoring all the Jaques dioramas. Of the 16 large dioramas, 9 were painted by Jaques, the rest by other artists. A total of 11 will be moved. The five that will not be moved are of much lower artistic quality, are in poorer condition, or no longer fit our mission. However, we will be saving and re-purposing many of the components of these dioramas. We also plan to save the smaller dioramas, though we will not be showing them all at any one time.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. As you can imagine, I'm a bit busy right now with the new building, new exhibits etc. It's going to be a great project with a move to the St Paul campus on a site with parking and 6 acres for outdoor exhibits. Some of the dioramas will be re-installed in a traditional diorama hall. The rest will be integrated with new exhibits in a new "Minnesota Nature Gallery". We will be integrating science process, current research, environmental issues and art into a diverse and interactive environment.

Hope all is well with you. Don Luce


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