I saw this job listing for a Visual Editor at the Science Desk of NPR. You
might have to be in DC. Looks great.

Here's a description. More info on qualifications, etc. on the link below.


Job description

   - Act as a visual and thought leader on NPR’s Science Desk team. Grow,
   evolve, and define compelling multimedia for Science Desk digital content.
   Generate multimedia story ideas and develop signature multimedia features.
   - Serve as a mentor and editor for highly talented multimedia staff as
   they experiment and grow. Supervise and partner with Science Desk
   multimedia journalists, providing guidance, support and expertise on
   projects involving photography, illustration, animation, audio, music and
   - Supervise creation of visually compelling presentations using multiple
   media. May do any or all of the following: create original art, assign and
   edit stories, edit captions, pictures, audio, video, animation, and
   assemble the whole. Provide expertise and guidance on new software and
   emerging creative tools. Work with the Supervising Senior Producer for NPR
   Visuals to develop multimedia skills in the staff of NPR.
   - Select and supervise Science Desk multimedia interns.
   - Oversee and partner on desk visual staff and assignments. Work with
   the Supervising Senior Producer for NPR Visuals and the Supervising Senior
   Editor of the Science Desk to develop and implement standards and styles
   for NPR’s visual journalism.
   - Find, recruit and nurture highly talented freelance multimedia
   storytellers, illustrators and visual designers. Work with NPR Visuals and
   the Science Desk to identify, develop and maintain freelance sources of
   photography, graphics, animation, and video. Make, track and edit freelance
   photo, illustration, infographic, animation and video assignments. Handle
   freelance schedules, payments and contracts and monitor budgets.
   - Work under the Supervising Senior Editor of the Science Desk and
   Supervising Senior Producer for NPR Visuals. Also collaborate with NPR
   technical and business development teams.
Gretchen Halpert

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