I lurk on the listserve for herbarium managers, where this resource was just posted.  Seemed to me that scientific illustrators might find it an interesting source of images of leaf forms.


Karen Reeds, "Impossible Plants," essay for Weird, Wild & Wonderful: The Second New York Botanical Garden Triennial Exhibition, Curated by the American Society of Botanical Artists (Bronx NY: New York Botanical Garden and American Society of Botanical Artists, 2014), 8-11. 


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You should send this out on the "herbaria" listserv and hundreds of botanists will receive, including Florida ones. https://www.nacse.org/mailman/listinfo/herbaria[log in to unmask]

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Hi Alan,

I am very glad that National Cleared Leaf Collection-Hickey (NCLC-H) has published electronically.   The NCLC-H is available free at http://peabody.research.yale.edu/nclc/


If it is possible, please feel free to forward this email to other colleagues in Florida.


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