Meetings and webinars for iDigBio's Fluid-preserved Arthropod and 
Microscopic Slide Imaging Interest Group will resume in September. This 
month’s webinar (see details below) will highlight imaging possibilities 
from GigaMacro (, currently in use at the Frost 
Insect Museum, Penn State. The announcement is posted on the interest 
group wiki 

On a related subject, Rob Meyer and others at Hamamatsu have tweaked 
their high throughput slide scanning equipment to allow for greater 
depth of field, enhancing the potential for high-throughput imaging of 
microscopic slides. We are now working on scheduling this topic for our 
October meeting and will announce that as soon as the details are confirmed.

In the meantime:
What: Webcast/webinar: Monthly online meeting of the Fluid-preserved 
Arthropod and Microscopic Slide Imaging Interest Group
Topic: GigaMacro: High Quality Imaging of Biological Specimens
Presenters: Gene Cooper, Graham Bird, Naomi Cooper
When: 16 September 2014, Noon-1:00 p.m. EDT

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