Hello, Mag Mor folk.

*The Nebraska Stroke Okto Beerfest 2014 is on **Thursday, October 9th.


*We have a full crew signed up to help with fighting and the booth. 
However, if you'd still like to help, we do still need donations of 
home-brewed beverages and a couple batches of gynger brede (in 
bite-sized bits).

*If you can donate brewing samples, WONDERFUL! Please coordinate with me 
if you have a bottle of brew (or two!) that you are willing to donate to 
the cause! If possible, please try to include a brief description of the 
type of brew, the ingredients and process you used, and any interesting 
or unique details.

We will also need gynger brede samples. We will be giving away recipes 
with the samples -- _with_ our Baronial business card stapled to the 
back, of course! Since these can be really small samples -- just a 
bite-sized bit of gynger brede wrapped in waxed paper -- we should need 
no more than two batches of gynger brede.If you can make a batch and 
"package" it, please let me know.  (See attached pdf for recipe. We 
don't need the Shrewsbury cakes -- those are already taken care of.)

The fighters and brewers who have "signed up" will be receiving a much 
more detailed email with all the details that you'll need.

Thank you all!

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