HI folks:
I've scratched my head over many seasons of how to provide quality watercolor supplies to a community college adult-education classes. The participants do not want to spend money on supplies, and I just can't accept the stuff they purchase Sprawl-mart. We do not have an art store. They do not think ahead or have time to order on line. Even if I request a specific product, they will try to bring substandard paper, which is not worthy of lining a bird cage.  So, I am thinking I shall purchase the materials and sell them directly to the student. There is a craft store (similar to a Michaels) in town and I won't shop there. 
Can you add any thoughts about the minimum materials?

This class is for two days only. Level: Beyond Basics. 

Brush: a #8 round, Silver Brush (Black Velvet series 3000) . I have been very impressed with this inexpensive brush, and use it frequently
Watercolor: Winsor & Newton, or Daniel Smith: one tube each of yellow, red, blue. 
Paper: I will tear full sheets of 140lb Fabriano Artistico into 8th sheets, they will need 8 pieces. (at least).

I'm trying to keep this to an absolute minimum cost, both for me (having to keep in on hand if it doesn't sell in class- or use it myself), and for them or they won't sign up. 

They will then bring the other materials, palette, board, tape, etc. 

Just wondering if this sparks any ideas. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 
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