Muah ha-ha! You Rock, Girl! ..

I love DS paints. I use them along with W&N, interchangeably. I also love the granular, earthy pigments the hematites, lunar black and as I LOVE painting rocks, well, I just love these paints. DS is exclusive on those, and they are a good store. 

I sure miss driving by their store in Seattle! They would even let me wet the brushes to get the sizing out before purchase, which is a real plus in my mind. Now, living down here, I have to order everything. But thankfully DS and W&N products are consistent.

I may try out the Van Gough paints and see. You and Kathy have peaked my interest.  I like the water-brushes too, but I don't think they perform for the techniques beginner as a all-purpose pointed round. I think they are brilliant for field sketching. I have 3-4 for myself.  I may have to reconsider the brush, but ...... 
need more chocolate to decide. 

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On Sep 15, 2014, at 12:21 PM, Jenny Keller wrote:


Oh, go for the DS paints, I say. I totally agree about going for the the best possible quality, ESPECIALLY if you don't know how many participants you'll have and may be using the remaining paint yourself. It might as well be what you would buy and use, anyway. 

I have simply been pleasantly surprised by the Van Gogh paint and make affordable sets with it for my natural history field study students -- folks who aren't even sure if painting is an endeavor they want to try. I pair the home-made ProArt set with a Pentel water brush and get them all hooked on painting in the field. Muah ha-ha!. :o)



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