I've been reconsidering (again) the pigment situation. 
I found on Blick, that Van Gogh makes small tube sets of 10 tubes and 12 tubes (10ml tubes), and also one of 12 half-pans. All the sets have Chinese white, and Payne's Gray.  The set of 10 tubes are 22.19. The set of 12 is 31.05, BUT it comes with a plastic palette of sorts, 6 mixing areas, a sponge and a small brush (round nylon size 6).

So a set of 10 plus the pro-art palette would run appx the same as the set of 12 in a plastic folding case.  The good brush would still be extra. 

I was processing that amount of paint that students might use... thanks to Lore, and wondered if it not be better to just have a paint set, rather than a squished set? 

Oh, Yarka. That was the brand of w/c paint set that the college sold in their bookstore, and those are DREADFUL, and that's the kindest remark I can make on them. 

If I have more sets than students, I could just return them to Blick. 
I guess I'll have to just buy a set and try them out. 

Still mulling.
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On Sep 15, 2014, at 11:31 AM, Jenny Keller wrote:

hi all,

 but i also find that the Van Gogh tube paints (not dry cakes -- i don't think VG even makes them) are a good, economical choice for participants who would otherwise not be able to afford a paint set at all. 



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