I have a cyber-friend who lives in Puerto Rico, and is a climate-change
denier.  As I keep saying to him, it's a luxury he can indulge in, but the
higher the latitude you live in, the more difficult it becomes, because of
the increasing means by which one can measure least those of us of
a certain age can.   In the highest latitudes the changes are most


But of course people have difficulty understanding trend dynamics.   This
was a very cool summer here, following a terribly cold winter, and I have
heard more than one person cite those facts as "proof" that fear of climate
change is at least overblown, if not outright fraudulent.   But such
fluctuation in local weather does not negate the overall trend.   


The other problem in convincing people in denial about climate change is
that the warmer it becomes.on average.the higher that average becomes. 


And finally, again referencing those of us who are, shall we say, mature, we
have all lived through dire predictions that did not materialize.


That should bring no comfort on the climate change issues, though, as most
of those predictions were either superstition, and obviously so, or with
regard to things that could be fixed.   But in balance, most dire
predictions of bad things to come, such as decline in biodiversity, seem to
fall somewhat short of reality.


The various graphics in this (and some of the other) films available via
that website really do make the point.   And I think as artists we are well
positioned not merely to do the mechanical work of showing things such as
the to-scale superposition of Manhattan over a massively calving ice sheet,
but to imagine what graphics might work.visual metaphors and similes, if you
will.   Communication has never been more important, and art is a valuable
form of communication of concepts not always otherwise apparent.   I had
real trouble visualizing the scale of what we were seeing until that overlay





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They Recorded Is Simply Terrifying


Watch this. The graphic overlay at the end is an eye-opener!

d-what-they-recorded-is-simply-terrifying?g=4&c=ufb1> &c=ufb1


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