You are all so inspiring! I need to spend more time with my W/C pencils.

Kathy G

PS: My recent series of colored pencil classes have gone swimmingly so far. But I would love to have your input: If you could only have 12 colors in your colored pencil field sketching kit, which colors and which brands would they be? Would you go with plain colored pencils or WC pencils or a combination? I just bought the three primaries in the Caran d'Arche and they're nice and all but are they really worth the 3X the money as the others? What do you think?

On Oct 1, 2014, at 1:43 PM, Linda Feltner wrote:

> When cruising the on line vendors, the Faber Castel Albrect Durer's were nearly twice as much as the Derwents (plain w/c pencils). I don't have the  luxury of walking in and selecting individual colors, so need to stick to a small assorted box of 12. I am tempted to include a few individual Albrect Durer pencils, but if I have to keep the price way down, then I feel the Derwents are perfectly satisfactory for beginners. 

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