Hi Hannah. Mice can jump amazingly for their size. We've watched them under our bird feeders, they are amazing acrobats. I think they could reach the lower bits of the engine without the tires. But it is a good strategy, tho. 

This morning I was noticing that we have a new influx of feral cats visiting the studio. I can smell their markings on the door mat. OMG, why the door mat? There is even spray on the DOOR. I think that Lily used to chase them out of the yard and kept them away from the bird feeders. But they visit every night and it drove her to crazy barking each morning knowing they had visited. They have sprayed the door and mat in years past. Now as I approached the studio, I got a huge whiff. So I'm not sure I want to use cat, fox, dog or any other kind of urine under the cars. It might certainly work, but I think when it rains, it will only stimulate the molecules and It will be beyond my tolerance. So you are right, I think there are smells that will deter mice. Mostly what folks use is a strong oil, mothballs or perfume. I'm trying the peppermint oil, but I know that I will become lax after a while. 

I'm going to try the shop light approach under both cars. Unless I find evidence that the bugs that are attracted will provide more damage than mice nesting and chewing wires! 

After all, the lights will attract bugs, and then the Elf Owls and Western Screech Owls will then have a buffet! Right?

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On Oct 22, 2014, at 3:13 AM, Hannah Bonner wrote:

I imagine that their only access is by climbing up via the tires, unless mice can jump up high? If so, perhaps you only need to coat the wheels with something.

I know this is a bit gross, but a mammals specialist friend of mine and I once came across a live trap for catching martens and genets (our local "vermin") and he put the trap out of commission in a way the owner was unlikely to detect: he pissed on it. the smell of human urine was sure to keep the animals away from the trap. I'm not suggesting this for your car! and I don't know if it works with mice. But there' s a thought re there being smells they hate. If you have a cat and can train it to rub up agains the wheels  every time the car is pared, that would most certainly work! LOL

Good luck!


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