I agree, Bruce.  They can jump. They are cute critters though. Annoying but cute. 

I'm going to try a mouse-size havahart trap inside the car, Just In Case, someone comes scouting. I'll have to bait it with something that doesn't smell SO inviting, like peanut butter. maybe a cracker or some cheerios.  

The reason they got in 4-5 years ago was a banana had fallen down beside the seat on the passenger side. It started to ferment. I got in the car and it smelled like beer.... we found the banana which had nibbles on it, then the saga began finding the critter. That nest was easy to find in the cabin filter, but once they knew how to get in, getting them to stop coming was the problem, so I had to trap them. 

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On Oct 22, 2014, at 6:03 AM, Bruce Bartrug wrote:

We once had mouse get into the living part of our house and we found droppings on top the kitchen counters and stove.  I doubt they could climb on the sides of the counter cabinets, so I'm assuming they jumped.  I've seen them jump four or five feet horizontally when releasing them from a Hav-a-hart trap.  So jumping a foot or less onto a car's suspension or engine would be little problem.  Annoying little critters :).


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