I followed Jane's advice, and called Blick's customer support. I hadn't thought of asking for samples from vendors. 
They were very nice and I received samples of Van Gogh, Cotman, Grumbacher, Schmincke, Old Holland, and three kinds of watercolor pencil that I've not used. I'll give them a try out, of course. 

I grew up on Grumbacher (always thought it would be a cool name for a paint pony).

The college and I are now talking about teaching watercolor pencil in lieu of watercolor, simply from the realization that these students are not career-tracked and don't want to spend a lot on supplies. Since I love teaching watercolor pencil, it may be the best choice for this type of class. The supplies are cheaper with introductory sets and paper isn't such a critical issue. Finally get a chance to use Strathmore 400 for something other than cleaning brushes. I've never liked it as a watercolor paper, but the heavy sizing is actually quite nice for watercolor pencil. Imagine that. 

Thanks everyone for their thoughts.
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