I suspect you are right. The kind of usage they get. They are so soft and that is why I think they make a good intro into watercolor. They are blendy and can be either light or intense, like watercolor, depending on how much you scrub down. 

I really like to rub off some pigment onto a bit of textured mylar (Duralar) and use it as a palette, pulling in two colors blending on the palette and then applying onto the picture. It is a good crossover from pencil application to watercolor application. Thus, the Durer's are better at that because you can  apply more pigment. I've got just stubs of some of the colors.  

I found that I did NOT like wetting the tip of the pencil, or brush off some color by applying a wet brush to the tip of the pencil, because it ruined the pencil for dry marks. Unless you want mushy marks, of course, no problem. One could snap the pencil in half, and have a wet end and a dry end. And they take up less room in a tiny travel kit. 

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On Oct 2, 2014, at 8:32 AM, Liz Lockett wrote:

Love the Durer but they are so soft that the students we have run through them at really alarming rates, but maybe thats kids vs adults.  Durer was a good compromise for us.


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