Hi All:

I am hoping to pick up my RAV4 at the dealership today. They've had the car for four days, de-nesting the dashboard. A mouse started building a winter home inside the car. The shredded insulation completely clogged the air conditioning vents. They had to remove the entire dash board and steering column. They said they took pictures. ha. I'll bet.

Now, my issue is preventing their return from even getting in the car. I wondered if anyone had some deterrent remedies to share. I cannot put any stinky perfumes or moth balls inside the car. It will have to be under the car in the carport. I am asthmatic with perfumes. 

Someone has suggested spraying diluted peppermint oil on the concrete beneath the car. I'd have to contain the mothballs, because of the birds and dogs. I have to have a long-term solution, forever and ever. 
I'm open to suggestions.

Will need a very large glass of something and about a pound of chocolate when I get the bill, which they tell me is about $450. Little stinkers. 

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