Good to know. Thanks for EVERYONE who has commented.

I have kept food out of the car for about 4 years, since our last tribe of mice tried building in the cabin filter, right behind the glove box. I caught two adults right before they nested, with spring traps. I don't like bait. They could still crawl up into the dash and die, and OH, I bet that was horrible Pam.  That was one of the things I was worried about. That and hantavirus blowing in my face. 

THanks , Barry for the link to the quick kill traps. 

I went to four pharmacies to look for Peppermint oil, and found it at GNC in the mall. I was told 20 drops to a quart in a spray bottle and have just sprayed the concrete beneath the cars.

I ALSO just heard of the shop lights (thanks, Deb!) We have a carport, so the lights on may attract some strange attention from  people around here at night, but .... might be worth a shot. Not that I worry what the neighbors think, but that those odd occurrences when people migrate up through the neighborhood. Just wonder if it would draw attention. But I'll give that some thought. 

Tucson is BAD for packrats. Down here we also have an over-healthy population of rock squirrels, who love to build in the engines and nibble wires (even inside enclosed garages!!). They are probably too big to find a tiny crawl space into the interior. But we have searched, and Toyota has searched in the past, and failed to find the entry hole. Mice can fit in a hole that will allow the cranium to pass, and that's all it takes. So we can't find the hole in order to plug it. 

When spraying the peppermint oil becomes a tired and tedious chore, I might try placing a lidded, plastic container, with cotton balls with peppermint oil soaked in them, punch holes in the lid, and place it under where the car is parked. I could also do that for moth balls. I don't want birds or dogs getting to the moth balls. 

Thanks everyone for the tips and trips down memory lane......

OH, the bill for removal of the entire dash board and steering column (and replacement of the shredded insulation): $489 buckaroos.  
Will need MUCH more chocolate......

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On Oct 21, 2014, at 1:14 PM, Steve Halford wrote:

The professional pest controllers are pretty much unanimous in declaring ultrasonic pest repellants nothing but a scam.

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