Thanks, Nicky:
Ha! Yes, time to re-stock! I get that. 
I cannot breathe the smell of perfumes in dryer sheets. I have to use unscented detergent, dryer sheets, everything. I'm sure the strong smell deters the mice from loving the car. If I could breathe it, I would sure use it. It's a pain in the neck to not be able to tolerate scents and aromas.......

I opted not to have them detail the car, because a large part of that was "air freshener". No use spending $180 bucks to have them spray air freshener or put those long-term cakes in the dashboard.  The car doesn't smell, actually. They never had babies or otherwise caused a urine stink in the vehicle. So I guess we caught it early. (sort of). 


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On Oct 21, 2014, at 9:47 PM, Nicky Staunton wrote:

Same mouse damage happened in my Honda CRV.  Following the repair I checked with folks out here in the country and learned that Bounce dryer sheets repel mice.  Bought a box to keep in car with sheets placed in places I really did not want mice chewing.   Using them under seat, in glove compartment, door pockets, storage areas worked.  The fragrance was not overpowering for me and after  a short time, receded, but the sheets kept mice away well over a year now.   
Hmmm.  Reminds me, I dumped all the old ones this summer and must replace now that temperature is dropping.

Good luck.

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