Thanks a lot Dirk




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Ciao Enrico,

So, the type might be in Basel Museum in the Frey collection...

I copied Eva in the message, so you have her contact. She is the curator of the Frey collection.





On 7 Oct 2014, at 14:50, Alericor wrote:

I do not know Eva. The reference do not state the type series repository.






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Did you contact already Eva Sprecher?

What does the reference say?







On 7 Oct 2014, at 14:39, Alericor wrote:

Dear Collegue


I am trying to find out the type series (Ht male and 1 Pt female) of Gnorimus indosinicus Frey, 1969. I wonder if anybody could help me.


Thanks a lot


Enrico Ricchiardi


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