Murdoch -

Thank you for an informative and yet succinct review of the situation.

Demos are a wierd beastie.
No doubt.

> As it was related to me by the previous SocSen, someone threw a fit about
> allowing "mundanes" to fight in armour at renfest like demos, so that was
> made illegal.  Someone found a loophole and started "whack-a-knight."
>  Someone else threw a fit about that not being within the spirit of the
> rule, so that was made illegal.  Someone decided that they would just have
> people sign a waiver, declare it a fighter practice, and then work with the
> public.  Again, someone threw a fit and that was made illegal.
OK, so what I get from all this is that if I think making these things
illegal (in an SCA sense) is stupid (and I do), then my course of action is
to "throw a fit" and get the BoD to make it legal.

We are all adults (or minors with our guardians present) and can make our
own decisions. If someone signs the waiver and wants to try out what we do,
whether at a demo or not, the people in charge should be allowed to let

Sigh. Time to start trying to take the SCA back, again.

Thanks again.

-- Logan --

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