Dulcie replied to my question about a bit of past event excitement with:
<<< A few years ago, when we were there, some of our kids pulled the fire alarm, everyone had to leave the hall, and the fire trucks showed up. An autocrat's headache if ever there was one! >>>

Uh oh. Did you ever get to use the site again?

The SCA generally has the reputation of leaving a site better than we found it. I know that is particularly true of some of the kitchens I’ve worked in.

I do have a Florilegium file on feast disasters. In part, to let headlocks know that no matter how hard you think things are, someone has had it worse. And partly to give folks some warning and ways to get out of similar problems.
fst-disasters-msg (86K) 3/ 3/13 Tales of SCA feasts that were disasters.

The above quote from Dulcie makes me think that it might be nice to have a similar file for Event Stewards (or autocrats, if you insist).

So, anyone have stories of events that should have been absolute disasters but were salvaged? 

(I do also have this file, but it isn’t your usual event. Along these lines though:
Gleann-Abhann-art (10K) 10/31/06 The birth of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann amid Hurricanes Katrina and Rita by Vallawulf Rurikson.  )
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