Just to follow up on something Dorcas said, people who have a heraldic
will normally will their name and armory to another person, not to an
office. Laurel King of Arms decided that you could will things to a
limited number of officers, namely the Kingdom Seneschal and the Kingdom
Herald. (I imagine you could will it to the Laurel Sovereign of Arms as
well.) Most people do not take advantage of this, but it is possible.

ps: There was no formal ruling on this, but there was informal rulings
    permitting it.

On Fri, Nov 7, 2014, at 11:52 AM, Dorcas Whitecap wrote:

> The third item I registered below is a Heraldic Will.If I’m not around
> to decide what to do with
my name and armory, Gold Falcon gets to decide.I could register a
Blanket Permission to conflict with my device, like I have done with my
name, but I don’t care to.If somebody wants to register a device that
looks like mine, after I’m dead I don’t imagine I’ll need it, so some
future Gold Falcon can grant that permission. You can will your heraldry
to anybody, not just another herald.

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