I want to thank everyone who helped with Toys for Tots Inn. Edward and Geva, thank you for letting me use a variation of your Cervelet Sausage recipe. Aidan and Gabbie for opening their home, and letting me use your grinder and stuffer. Gabbie for sticking with me for 15+ hours of sausage making. Dongal, Hrefna, Cincinata for helping at various times. To my kitchen helpers who spent the entire morning of their event rolling, boiling, baking, and cleaning all the things, Aline, Elianor, Hrefna, Severin, Davian, Helena, Ottar, Angie, Nadia. Thank you to Cecily and Avery for putting together the delicious Royal luncheon, yes it was my recipes and ingredients, but it takes more than being able to follow directions to get a delicious product. Thank you to Anna and Melisende for being the face of the Inn and serving out all the sausages. A successful Inn is not something that one person can do alone. Thank you all for making this one of the easiest and most enjoyable Inns I have ever done.

Cincinata, Bella, Lorien and Kolfinna: You are four wonderful young ladies. I heard so many compliments on the great job you all did as waterbenders (yes that is what they called themselves) at Toys for Tots. You all worked from the moment you got up that morning until you left site. I have no worries for the future of our Kingdom with wonderful people such as yourselves already willing to take on responsibilities.

~~~ Catalina
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