I hadn't thought about it before, but considering how expensive two tables'
worth of space is, and how much space Calontir Trim takes up, that decision
makes a whole lot of sense.

For people like me, who don't care for the printed/shiny look in trim but
find inkle-ish things terribly confusing, it's definitely worth checking
out Drix' stock.  Previously I'd thought all inexpensive machined trims
looked pretty fake, but a couple of his changed my mind :)

Volu-Ingibiorg, who'd buy more trim if she sewed

On Sat, Nov 29, 2014 at 3:35 PM, Steven Boyd <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> To the shoppers at the upcoming Kris Kindermarkt come warmest greetings
> from Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis, Proprietor and Prandioprates of
> Calontir Trim,
> Friends,
> I wish to let you know that for the first time since the Reign of King
> Gilligan and Queen Adelith, I will not be a merchant at Kris Kinder.  I
> will be enjoying the bustle of the marketplace from the other side of the
> table, and arriving on site at a much more civilized hour than has been my
> habit over the past two decades.
> Why, might you ask, am I passing on one of the largest shopping events of
> the year?  It is a matter of economics.  I sell at six to eight Calontir
> events through the course of the year, and am available online when I am
> not physically at hand.  But many of the other merchants in attendance
> are making one of their few appearances of the year at Kris Kinder.  It
> is prudent for you the shopping public to take this opportunity to purchase
> from them, whom you might not see again in the near future, rather than
> spend your holiday coin, so carefully gathered, at my booth, which is much
> more regularly available.  This reasonable equation, calculated to the
> same result by many hundreds of shoppers, has meant that the meager sales
> that I have garnered in the past few years have poor recompense for the
> effort and expense that I undergo to sell at the event. I am not grumbling,
> nor casting aspersions on the Barony, Their Excellencies, or the staff of
> Kris Kinder, who have treated me so well and made allowances for me over
> the decades.  I endorse the event, the staff, and commend Their
> Excellencies to you all most highly.  My declining sales should be in no
> way laid at their feet.
> For those who were looking forward to shopping with me at the event, I
> offer these alternate possibilities.  First, you may shop online, and if
> you send me an email by this coming Saturday, December 6 at noon, I will
> cut your order while I am set up at an event in Meridies.  I can hand
> deliver that to you at Kris Kinder.  I will bring the Calontir Trims
> (Boga-Fyrd, Iren Fyrd and Hirth, Falcon and Calontir Metallic and
> Non-metallic) with me, and have those available for sale at Lady Malina’s
> booth.  There is a chance the new Eo-Fyrd trim will have been delivered
> to me by then as well.  I will have lamellar plates packed in the car if
> you are interested in those.  All of my normal consignment merchandise
> will be in the hands of the original producers or their agents.
> By the grace of the event stewards of Coronation and the Clothiers’
> Symposium, I will be open for business at those events.
> I wish to take this opportunity to salute and thank Lady Miriam von
> Schwarzwald, my loyal ship assistant for so many years, whose patience and
> forbearance has allowed me to conduct business and fulfill my obligations
> to the well famed meeting docket of Kris Kinder.  I hope she is able to
> enjoy the event in a manner of her choosing as well.
> I look forward to sharing a relaxing Kris Kinder with my friends,
> unburdened with my own petty concerns of profit and loss, packing and
> inventory, early rising and late departures.  I thank you for your
> patience as I have publicly explained my seemingly counterintuitive
> decision.  I thank you for your patronage through the year, and the years.
> Know I remain,
> Andrixos Seljukroctonis, OP, OL
> Prandioprates
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