Wednesday, we will be having a largesse night again. We have some spices left over from our very successful spice kit night, so I would like to try and make some mulling packets. Also, I have a great many wooden beads that would love to become thread/yarn wrapped buttons. If you'd like to bring supplies, for the mulling spices,things like allspice, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom are all appropriate, if you can think of others to add, please feel free to bring those as well. I will be bringing both some unbleached muslin and some jars to put spices in, depending on how that project progresses. I am always so impressed by how our Barony can take a good idea and make it a great one!  For the wrapped buttons, I will bring the wooden beads, and some yarn and embroidery floss, but everyone is welcome to bring things for the wrapping! Some smaller beads to add to the buttons might also be a good idea. 

Lastly, I may be a few minutes late, as I will be traveling to Niobrara for work on Wednesday, and may not arrive back at the office until right at 6:30.

Thank you!

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