Considering the somewhat negative reviews of the NeoLucida and
restrictions/difficulties in its use, I have a suggestion.

   1. Take a photo of the scene, item, person.  Wouldn't have to be a
   gallery-quality image; a cell-phone would do.
   2. Import the image to Photoshop, or any other image processing software
   you may have on your computer/laptop/tablet/whatever.
   3. Add a new layer over the photo, and use a Wacom device/stylus/mouse
   to draw those areas of the image you need with a brush tool.
   4. Print the outline drawing only.  One can even scale the drawing to
   suit your needs; if larger than your printer can handle, print separate
   sections and tape them together.
   5. Voila!

This uses tools most of you already have, and requires no additional
learning curves.

Cheers, b

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