Sad that it’s changed so much since I was there in the late `60s, but I have a series of videos on the region and it is indeed far different than when I was there, not part of a tour group, but with my mother, wandering around, full of awe and the deep mystery of the place.  In ten days of sailing amid the islands, making landfall wherever we chose, we saw other people, once…a yacht in the distance.   There were tourists for sure, and at times we joined them (I even got to meet Guy Mountfort, who was with Roger Tory Peterson co-leading a tour; I knew Roger and he kindly let me tag along for part of the day…but then they all sailed back to their luxury boat…no such luck for me<G>.   


Glad I saw it and when I did.  I won’t return…I prefer my memories.






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Of course it's all-around tour.  But frankly too touristy now for my likes.  Too many tour packages to Quito's Old Town and the market at Otavalo include 3 or 4 days on the Galapagos.  Too few birds per dollar and too many loud tourists with little cameras that flash even in bright light.  To me walking alone at 4000 meters and enjoying the volcanoes and alpine birds is more attractive.  That and quietly slipping through the Amazon selva in the presence of macaws and antbirds, toucans and hawk-eagles and jaguar tracks makes for a much more satisfying experience.  

But to each his own, and I'm certain the trip will be exciting and well worth it for the participants.

Have a great time!  




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