HI All:

I was completing a small order from, where I've purchased clear sleeves for art prints. 
This is a small order, but they want $15.81+a $5.00 FEE???  WTHeck? My order is only $21 bucks. 

So, I'm looking on dickBlick, because they have a black friday sale coming up and I need to make a large order anyway.
Has anyone used the "Lineco PHoto Art Bags"?  they seem to have a flap and adhesive seal.

The acid-free Poly-Bags have no flap and seal: not what I need.

The Blick Acetate Display and Storage bags. they have an adhesive strip, but the enlarge photo looks weird. LIke the strip isn't on the end, but down some. Must be my eyes.

ANYway, has anyone had problems or success with any of these products?


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P.O. Box 325
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