An old remembering bring me to a work of Krikken 1977 (also available in pdf on internet) where you could find :

Using this spelling and internet, I've found this on the first page :

If Djo-Kou-La is now Binchuan and with the above GPS coordinates, if you cross this informations to the text of the first biblio reference and the entomological data you could get, you should have some good beginning of answer ...

Expecting this could help.


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Thank you Keith. I hoped in a more precise location.






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we had the same problem when we described tanyproctus yunnanus from elder laterial from the paris -museum

according thierry deuve, the fauna with the label djokoula / djekoula / djoukoula suggest to that this locality should be NW of kunming on yunnan-plateau.


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  Dear All


  I need help to locate a Chinese's locality. The specimen label is:


  Dje-Kou-La, alt 1200 m, N/O Yunnan, Le Moult (without a date)


  Several Lucanidae and some Trichiina from Le Moult came from that locality.


  Enrico Ricchiardi