Greetings Good Gentles All,

Seeking Households willing to Host EMT's for dinner at Estrella War!

It is once again time to show our famous Known World Hospitality during
Estrella War!  Our fabulous EMTs are back to assist us while we enjoy
fighting and frivolity.  We are asking for willing households to host the 4
EMTs for dinner each evening of the War, as they not only deserve a hot
meal for being our guardian angels, but they also very much enjoy meeting
everyone and learning about why we play in the SCA.  If you are willing to
host a dinner, please contact Lady Rowan at [log in to unmask] to
discuss what evening you would prefer to host.  If you can please include
your SCA and Mundane Name, Kingdom, preferred evening to host, and your
intended menu, it would be greatly appreciated.  We thank you very much in
advance for your generosity!

Yours in Service,

Lady Rowan

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