I can come up with three Laurels for historic combat, mostly sword
based, from Northshield alone. The main problem with a Laurel for
historic combat and the rapier peerage is that one is for research and
one is for skill. (Or should be.)


On Thu, Dec 4, 2014, at 01:04 PM, Patricia Schmidt wrote:
> Also, you all might want to contact M. Don Hans Durmast von der
> Wanderlust who lives in An Tir. He is one of the few that I know of
> receiving a Laurel for his practice of his martial art of Fence and
> the research he did on period use and technique. He could give you
> some very valuable insight to this issue. Part of his early research
> (nearly 20 years ago) was on finding mundane patents of arms that had
> been given in the area of rapier combat. He and his group found 2
> distinct different references, but the 3rd eluded them for quite a
> while. You owe it to yourselves to ask this Gentleman what he thinks
> about it and why.
> YiS, M. Jalali of Salamis, OL Ansteorra.

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