On 12/4/2014 2:04 PM, Patricia Schmidt wrote:
> Part of his early research (nearly
> 20 years ago) was on finding mundane patents of arms that had been given
> in the area of rapier combat.

That would be fascinating.

To my reasonably-good knowledge, there is no such thing (outside
the SCA) as a Patent of Arms.

There is no shortage of elevations to the nobility or bestowal
of armorial bearings for all KINDS of stuff, toward the end of
period, when the whole concept of feudalism was breaking down.

Amusingly, the London Masters of Defense was not a chivalric
order - it was a money-making machine that had a Royal
monopoly.  While newly installed members swore oaths to the
London Masters of Defense, there was no feudalism involved,
and not answering noble making reciprocal feudal promises
in return.


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