>It is my thought that six peerages is ludicrous, and four peerages (as
 >currently proposed) is unsustainable.
 >Whether there should be three peerages, with or without recognition of
 >"ancillary martial arts", or four peerages with the fourth including all
 >three of those activities is a reasonable question to discuss. The 
 >proposal condemns the Society to another decade arguing what is worth 
a peerage.

I've occasionally thought that the best way to do this is reduce everything
to one peerage. You become a Master/Mistress of the SCA. There are no
Laurels for metalworking, there are just Laurels; there are Pelicans, 
not Pelicans
for paper-pushing; Chivalry for rattan? Nope, just Chiv; ditto 

One Peerage covering everyone. It would avoid the whole brouhaha about
whether or not equestrianing or arching or fencing or rattaning should 
join this
order or that order or have their own; and it would cover _all_ future

The scroll would, of course, if the recipient wished it, include the 
fields for
which the peerage is being given, much as (at least in Calontir) AoA and
GoA scrolls do know.

....and it would cover previous lapses in historical knowledge (I 
believe the
MSCA was pretty much a spur-of-the-moment creation, because the person
being knighted, errr, mastered was in seminary and could not swear fealty
to any earthly person). They didn't give out differenced peerages in 
period, they
gave out one. So should we.

[Permission is hereby granted to improve this argument, correct any 
mistakes, pass it along for amusement, and/or jump all over me, 


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