On 12/8/2014 12:14 PM, Jean Paul de Sens wrote:
> Tibor, can you post a link to the census summary document again? I'd
> like to refresh my memory on the numbers you mention.

In particular, the very hard-to-read raw data is worth looking

The summary of results and slide-show provided to the Board
are somewhat misleading, so I'm providing raw data here.

Key figures:
17,821 surveys completed.

16,446 people answered the screening question:
   "45 - Should SCA participants be able to receive a peerage
   for excellence in non-armored combat or other martial

Anyone who didn't answer the screening question "yes" were not
asked any further questions.

11,701 said "Yes" to 45
  2,626 said "No" to 45
  2,119 said "No opinion" to 45

11,024 (of the 11,701 yes) answered specifically about rapier:
   "46a - How should the following additional martial activities
   be recognized? - Rapier"

     142 "Don't recognize"
   4,544 within existing Peerages (4,107 Chiv, 413 Laurel, 24 Pelican)
   3,865 within own new Peerage
   2,195 within shared new Peerage (shared with other non-rattan)
     278 other answer (not tabulated)

So, of the 17,821 people who took the survey:
   25.5% said "Use existing Peerages"
   21.7% said "New sole Peerage"
   12.3% said "New shared Peerage"
   40.5% said nothing or preferred another option (7,217)
     (15.5% actually said "No" to any Peerage at all 2,768)

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