On 12/8/2014 5:31 PM, Lis Schraer wrote:
> Never assume malice where stupidity will adequately explain things.
> Never assume stupidity when communication failure will explain things.
> Always assume communication failure, even when it seems unlikely.  It's
> from my article "Stuff I Learned The Hard Way" which appears in the
> Calontir seneschals' handbook.  It's been reprinted a couple of other
> places too.

This is a very nice gloss on Hanlon's Razor, but I swear I recall
it from some Heinlein story.

::Googlish Sounds::

"You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result
from stupidity."  Logic of Empire, Robert A Heinlein.

::Wiki-ish Sounds::

Wikipedia has other similar quotations, and I'm sure that Wikiquote
would too.

But this is a very nice extension, just the same.


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