On 12/4/2014 11:43 AM, Allison of Forgotten Sea wrote:
> I was just wondering if anyone would like to enlighten me with your
> opinion or stance on the matter.

I'm utterly against it, for so many reasons that I would
beggar your time to explain them all.

One of which is that a lot of the support for it is based
upon, I would guess, a serious and perhaps even deliberate
misinterpretation of the SCA Census that was done in 2010.

Basically - the people writing the Census winnowed things
down into smaller and smaller groups, and then claimed that
the biggest chunk of that smaller group was in favor of
a new Peerage for rapier.

Not so: the biggest chunk of that smaller group was in
favor of using the existing Peerages.

But if we look back at the entire Census, only a very small
percentage of the people that took the Census favored a
new rapier Peerage.

It's not as popular as it's Press Agent and Public Relations
staff are saying it is.

That is ONE of my many reasons, and it isn't even my favorite
reason to be against it.  But it's a good one that most people
don't know.


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